About Us

The Logos Bible Institute

The Logos Bible Institute is a theological school that provides instruction for men and women in the basics of the Christian faith including the fundamental doctrines. We instruct men and women in the truths of God’s word that they may instruct other men and women in these same truths and doctrines. We provide men and women with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the word of God and we equip them for any task that God has called them to do. The Institute focuses on preparing the individual both academically and spiritually for service. The emphasis at Logos is to equip the whole person, body, soul and spirit for effectiveness in ministry and in life.

The Student

Logos Bible Institute caters to serious students with time restraints. The average student has been away from the classroom for sometime and is returning with valuable life experience that is evaluated for credit in the program of studies. A student may attend on site classes, do distant studies or a combination of the two. Men and women who have a call on their life, ministers, pastors, missionaries, church leaders and those who have a desire to learn more about their faith in order to work, war and witness for the kingdom are invited to attend.


The school offers certificates. Many students are not interested in a degree plan but have interest in area certification such as the New Testament or the Old Testament , Sermon Preparation, Five Fold Ministry, or Ordination Preparation, all are encouraged to enroll.


We are an affiliate of Honolulu University. Honolulu University is accredited by Akademie Fur Internationale Kultur- und Wissenschaftsforderung (APICS), located in Switzerland, which accredits some of the oldest and most reputable universities and colleges in Europe and the Near East. Honolulu University is a member of International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), officially recognized by the United Nations as global NGO and is affiliated with the United Nations through UNESCO.