Why do we say amen? The word amen comes from the Hebrew word “aman” and it means “to Believe”. Amen means “So be it”; it is a word of confirmation, binding a saying or an oath. Amen is used as a response to a solemn ratification and expression of faith. . In Gen 15:6 Abram believed in the Lord and said “Amen” to God’s promise Rev 3:14 Jesus is known as the God of amen meaning he is strong and faithful; you can trust what He says. In Mat 5:18, the word “aman” is translated “verily”. The word verily is a pre-certification by Jesus that the statement that He was making was firm and could be relied on.

The word amen became the customary word that the Jews used to express agreement. Christians use the word amen after prayer to signify that we approve and agree with the praise, promise or petition and request that has gone forth. Amen means that we not only agree but claim, when others pray, that the words that went forth are as our very own. When we say amen at the end of a prayer it is a token of covenant and we not only confirm the petition but we invoke the fulfillment of the request.

What should we do when we agree with the promises of God? If we believe, agree and desire God’s blessings we can claim everything that God has promised as our own. All we have do is say AMEN.

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