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Why do we say amen? The word amen comes from the Hebrew word “aman” and it means “to Believe”. Amen means “So be it”; it is a word of confirmation, binding a saying or an oath. Amen is used as a response to a solemn ratification and expression of faith. . In Gen 15:6 Abram believed in the Lord and said “Amen” to God’s promise Rev 3:14 Jesus is known as the God of amen meaning he is strong and faithful; you can trust what He says. In Mat 5:18, the word “aman” is translated “verily”. The word verily is a pre-certification by Jesus that the statement that He was making was firm and could be relied on.

The word amen became the customary word that the Jews used to express agreement. Christians use the word amen after prayer to signify that we approve and agree with the praise, promise or petition and request that has gone forth. Amen means that we not only agree but claim, when others pray, that the words that went forth are as our very own. When we say amen at the end of a prayer it is a token of covenant and we not only confirm the petition but we invoke the fulfillment of the request.

What should we do when we agree with the promises of God? If we believe, agree and desire God’s blessings we can claim everything that God has promised as our own. All we have do is say AMEN.

Today is the Day


Today is the Day

Every day when you wake up God has given you a gift and a new chance. In addition, He has given you the opportunity to decide what this day is going to be. Psalms 118:24says :This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. But God will not make you rejoice. You can be happy or you can be sad because God gave you the opportunity to decide what you want today gladness or sadness. He didn’t say that all of the days would be the same, He didn’t say that all of the days would bring perfection but because all things work together for your good regardless to what happens all days will be good days.
Treat each day like it is a gift waiting to be opened. You may have no idea what the contents on the inside are but you can decide how you will receive the contents even before the package is opened. The word of God has already given us a clue as to how the day should be spent. This is a day that the Lord made therefore we have the ability to rejoice and be glad. You don’t have to let the outer packaging be a determinant of how you will spend your day. There is no need to become morose, gloomy, dark and sour because you fathom that the day will bring doom and gloom. Regardless to what you see, hear, feel or even think you have to remember that Psalms 118:24 says this is the day that the Lord made and respond accordingly.

Rev. Olivia T Hines

Jesus Has Compassion


Jesus Has Compassion

Compassion is when you become sympathetically conscious of the distress of others with a desire to alleviate their suffering. Sometimes we feel compassion for someone but because of our human limitations there is nothing that we can do to relieve their affliction. The word of God in Matthew 14:14 tells us that Jesus has compassion for mankind. However, Jesus has more than the desire He is able to heal our sickness to remove our suffering and fulfill our needs.

On one particular occasion the people had come looking for Jesus because they were sick and wanted Him to heal them. The scripture didn’t say if they were physically sick or spiritually sick or if they had confusion in their minds or lacked creature comforts it just says that they were sick. In other words there was something wrong with them. They had problems and Jesus was concerned about them. Jesus knew that there was sickness among them and Jesus was moved to compassion by their affliction.

Exo 3:14 says that God told Moses go and tell the people that I AM sent you
I AM wants you to know today that He is whatever you need He is still the same I AM that He was thousands of years ago.. He wants you to know if you are sick I Am is a doctor in the sick room. If you are hungry I Am is still the bread of life. If you are thirsty I Am is living water. If you are tired I Am is a rock in a weary land. If you need shelter I Am is a refuge in the middle of a storm. If you need finances I Am is the one who gives you the power to get wealth. Maybe you just need to get away I AM is a secret place.

God is I Am that I Am and I AM is still whatever you need.
Give Him Praise!

By Rev Olivia T Hines