Bible Studies

Old Testament

Fall in love with the word of God. The student is able to relive through the scriptures the story of God’s dealings with His people. The student is taught the bible explanation of the creation of the universe and the people. Through the scriptures, the student learns of the legal system, oracles of the prophets, songs of the singers and of the wisdom of the people. Discover the origin for many of the traditions and customs that we observe today.

New Testament

Survey of the New Testament covers the New Covenant and part two of the bible. The student is able to relive through the gospels the momentous times of the ministry and life of Jesus Christ. In this course, the student gets a close up look at the phenomenon called Christianity. An account and history is given of the first church and the successful upsurge and outreach to as far as Rome. The writings of the apostles and the epistles are discussed in detail with emphasis on the social climate and cultures of the time. Finally, the apocalypse explains the significance of Christian conduct with the expectations of the return of Jesus Christ for His church.