Advanced Classes

*This is a partial list of classes that are offered at the institute for those who are working toward advanced credit.

Seminar Topics This is a required course for all students completing their last semester of studies at the Institute prior to graduation. Noted speakers and professionals share with students for two eight hour sessions. Included are the persons life experiences, keys to success, topics of interest and general information pertaining to the selected topic. Each student is required to write a paper on the seminar topic following this exchange.

Ministries This is an in-depth study of the Five Fold Ministries of Ephesians 4:11. The course includes discussions of Divine accommodations and how to prepare academically. The student is briefed on personal and social requirements and expectations. Included in this category are the following ministry topic which are separate courses.

Ordinance Ministry How to carry out the various ordinances of the church

Evangelism Soul winning

Women in Ministry Special situations, circumstances, expectancies, problems and rewards for women in ministry – how to prepare

Ministry of Helps How to build a successful volunteer force for your ministry

Homiletics The individuals personal call

Divine Healing Healing Ministries

Ministerial Ethics This course deals with the responsibility of the minister to the people to whom he ministers. This is basic training in how to develop your personal integrity.

Equipping the Saints for Ministry An in-depth study of the five fold ministry for the individual with a “Call of God” on their life. Not just those in pulpit ministry but all of those who feel the nudging of God to take a leadership position.

Speech This is a speech class that deals with the fundamentals of effective communication.

Sermon Preparation This is a course in how to write an effective sermon.

Sermon Delivery The prerequisite for Sermon Delivery is Sermon Building. The student is taught to deliver an effective sermon.

Prayer This course deals with the practical and spiritual elements of prayer.

Fasting (Power Prayer) This course is a study of why we fast, how to fast, when to fast and the expected results of fasting both spiritual and physical.

Tithing This course is a short one credit course dealing with the biblical aspects of the tithe. The student is led to examine the Old and New Testament requirement for the believer.

Christian Education This course is a study in basic education from the perspective of religious training.

Effective Leadership This is a course which deals with the principles of leadership.

Financial Administration This is a course in basic finance, bookkeeping and accounting for the church.

Church Administration This is a course in basic management for the church.

Computers in the Church This is a course in basic information technology.

Human Resource Development This course deals with the elements of utilization and development of human resources.

Social Psychology In this course the student will gain knowledge and skills in the basics of Psychology.

Personal Ministry In this course the student will gain knowledge and skills in the basics of counseling individuals from a Christian perspective. Conflict management, premarital counseling, grief therapy, childhood and adolescent behaviors are topics that are discussed.

Contemporary Issues A discussion from a biblical perspective of issues that face the current day Christian. This class analyses hot topics in the news, beliefs that are popular but are anti-scriptural, and societal acceptance of concepts that are incorrect according to the scripture.

Biblical Themes in Secular Literature A study of biblical themes such as heaven, hell, the rapture, the seven deadly sins, love and hate, family, purpose, and other subjects that are taken from the bible and brought to the secular arena and presented in a literary format.