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You have a golden opportunity make a difference in the life of Claudien Karangwa, a 29 year-old Rwandan genocide survivor! Please assist Claudien Karangwa to regain a quality of life he deserves.

Claudien is a 29 year-old gentleman who deserves your help. At the tender age of 17, he stood up for his persecuted people (the Tutsi minority in Rwanda). Out of sense of duty to humanity, honor for his tribe and for the salvation of a persecuted people, Claudien stepped into the conflict.

Thus it was, against overwhelming odds that he joined the RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front) to save lives from a brutal government regime and their callous process of pre-determined, meticulously planned, and systematic genocide against the Tutsi minority tribe in 1994.

April 7, 1994, saw the commencement of the world’s fastest and most brutal genocide in the history of world conflicts. The world stood by silently watching as 10,000 innocent victims were bashed, battered, hacked, stabbed, clubbed, beaten, buried, brutalized & raped to death every single day. During the 100 days, over one million (1,000,000) Tutsi tribe’s people and Hutu sympathizers were savagely disposed of in the most unimaginable, abhorrent and horrific manner ever recorded by historians, by a seething mass of intoxicated, hate-filled, Hutu ‘Interhamwe’ extremist mobs.

The small detachment of UN peacekeepers stationed there were helpless to intervene for lack of a mandate to protect from the UN’s head office in New York, and the world stood by and did nothing.

Claudien, the 4th child of a family of 8 siblings, made the decision that if the world would do nothing to help his people, he would. In the dead of night he crossed the dangerous Lake Muhazi with an elder brother to join up with a meager but determined force of Tutsi defenders and make his life count. Having survived virtually all 100 days of the terrible genocide as an RPF combatant, saving many Tutsis in the line of fire, Claudien faced no less than 7 major battles during this time.

He fought on the front line in Kigali where the fiercest of battles took place and in the last days of June 1994, his luck finally ran out; he was shot and injured while serving with his Battalion in an area called Kacyiru within the main Kigali city limits.

Claudien’s motionless body was dragged out of the line of fire by his brothers from Platoon Three, F Company of Bravo Battalion. He was bleeding profusely from a shoulder wound and at death’s door. An AK-47, hollow-head round had ripped through his upper chest, shattered his shoulder and left a gaping hole in his back upon its exit.

Along with many other casualties of the conflict, Claudien was dispatched to a field medical centre in Kigali and somehow they saved his life. In Africa, surviving such a tragedy is miraculous enough, ensuring all the parts work as they once did is a luxury ill-afforded at the best of times, let alone during a time of conflict.

Thus it is that some 13 years later, Dr. Olivia Hines from Logos Christian Center Church together with Maria Magnus of Magnus Charitable Trust are asking for your help to save this young, intelligent, compassionate, not to mention articulate (speaks 4 languages including French & English) man’s left arm.

Your generous assistance will ensure that doctors in the USA have a chance to carry out the medical procedure necessary to save Claudien’s arm. Anything you give will help and no amount is too small or too large. As a donor, you will also have the opportunity to meet with Claudien when he arrives here in the USA for his surgery.

Please note that every cent of every dollar raised will go directly to the surgery and recovery process of Claudien’s medical procedure.

Thank you in advance for your interest, compassion, and generous offerings of assistance. It would be a blessing if we could, at least begin to right the wrongs of 1994, even in this small way and all be it for one man at this stage. But as the saying goes, ‘even the longest journey starts with just one small step’. Let your donation be your one small step, your start along this long journey. Thank you.

Please forward donations to:

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