“ENJOY THE QUIET” – Rev. L. Parish


  • Today let’s try something new
  • Take 10 minutes and seek God’s point of view
  • Close your eyes so you can see
  • The things God has in store for thee
  • Relax your mind and meditate
  • In peace and quiet, surrender, don’t hesitate
  • Open the eyes of your mind and the Holy Spirit will reveal
  • God’s plan, His purpose, His will
  • The preparation before you start
  • Is to hide His word in your heart
  • Don’t watch the clock and get stressed out
  • Be patient, wait on the Lord, believe, don’t doubt
  • Relax, breathe deeply, enjoy the quiet
  • Let go of preconceived ideas, just try it
  • Soon your 10 minutes will feel like hours
  • You’ll be refreshed with Holy Ghost power
  • Remember, relax, reflect, get refreshed, let go, let God

Enjoy the quiet



Rev. L. Parish (AKA-M.R.)

Enjoy the quiet

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  1. Clyde

    I can refer to this in the mornings to get started!


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