God Keeps His Word


God Keeps His Word

The word of God says that anything we ask in the name of Jesus He will do it for us. The word of God also says anything we ask believing we will receive. Do you believe that? When the children of Egypt walked in the wilderness, God sent them supernatural bread called manna. There is only one incidence of manna falling from heaven but there are other incidences of God providing supernatural food. The word of God says He is Jehovah Jireh, our provider.

We can know God but we will never fully comprehend God. We will never understand everything that He does. But we can have confidence because whatever He said He would do He does. Now the word of God says that He will provide our daily bread. Now picture this… You are standing before a wooded field, no groceries, stores or supplies and ask God for a slice of bread. You prayed in the name of Jesus, believing that He would keep His word. In order to grant your request, He may have to chop down trees, pull out stumps, plow the field, plant and tend the wheat, thresh it, grind it, AND bake it to hand you a miracle slice of bread. God kept His word even if it required a miracle.

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