Ready to be Blessed


Ready to be Blessed

We have just one more month and then we will be crossing over into a brand new year. This year may have been truly a year of the trials but it has also been a year of triumphs. We know that we were victors and God favors us because we have endured and are making it to the end. By the grace of God, the power of deliverance and hope against hope we are at the end and ready to crossover into another year. Our arrival here is not because we were so good, we were so strong, or because we are so wise but out arrival here and we have come this far by the grace of God.

In Gen 12:7 when God promised Abraham that He would bless and multiply his seed. Abraham built an altar. That altar was a symbol of covenant and promise. It didn’t mean freedom from trial but it was a reminder that he served an on time God who would always keep His promise.

Genesis 15:13 God told Abraham that his seed would dwell in a strange land and that they would be afflicted for four hundred years. Many years had passed when the children of Israel became slaves and were afflicted in Egypt. Exodus 12:41 the word of God says at the end of the four hundred and thirty years all of the children of Israel left the land of Egypt. And just as God had promised when the children were ready to be blessed Jos 3:17 says that the people crossed over the Jordan River on dry ground and possessed the Promised Land.

Many trials and tribulations had already come and had been overcome when Finally* the children of Israel were ready to crossover into the promised land. Just like Joshua told the children of Israel how to be successful in the new land I am saying how to be successful in a new year. The word of God says in Joshua 1:7 live according to the word of God. Don’t turn from it to the right hand or to the left hand. Don’t try to make the word suitable to your style of living but make your lifestyle suitable to the word.

I want you to know that the fate of a child of God does not lie in the hands of man. What God promises He is able to bring to pass. When you are ready to crossover into your blessing you will be blessed.

Rev. O. T. Hines

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