Step Back and Look Over

When I step back and look over my life it brings tears to my eyes and praises to my lips.

Sometimes when I am thanking God it’s not just because He woke me up this morning. I have stepped back and my mind and my thoughts have gone back further than that. I have stepped back and I looking over my life. I am thinking about the toilet that sat outside on the back porch at the house and thanking Him for each of the four toilets that now sit inside the bathrooms in my house. I am thinking about pots and pots of collard greens with bacon grease and no meat. I remember the doctor’s admonitions to eat more vegetables and back off some of the thick rich marbled meat. I think of homemade dresses and one pair of winter black and one pair of summer white shoes and a pair of tennis that I got each year for school. I thank God for the closets full of dresses, suits and every kind of dress and shoes of every style and color. I thank God while asking for forgiveness for buying too many things and I recall my deliverance from indulging in excesses.

From this you would think that we grew up in poverty, that’s not true. We were not rich in houses and land, fine clothes and jewelry but we grew up in the midst of great wealth. We grew up in a place where the presence of God was in the house. Although there were eight pairs of feet born into that tiny little house there always was shelter over each and every head. God sent the feet but He also sent the socks, daily bread and provisions so there was no lack.  We learned of His mercy and grace so there was no doubt that we would ever be without.

We have evidence that our God is a Mighty God. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. My thoughts are of how Amazing is His Grace, He is a Kind and Loving Father, Full of Forgiveness, Mercy and Grace. I am filled with gratitude and my thoughts are as I praise Him …My God How Great You Are.

Step Back and Look Over

By Rev. Olivia T. Hines

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  1. Clyde

    Amazing Grace!

  2. Kim jones

    Our God is so awesome in His provision and His love!


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