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Faith to Win the Battle



Elisha was the man of God who followed Elijah around until he inherited his anointing. God had Elisha on assignment and when God has you on assignment you have to contend with the enemy. Elisha knew who he was and he knew what he had been promised. So on the day when he was under attack by the enemy he had no fear. Elisha’s mindset was it’s not what I see, it’s not what I hear, it’s what I know that gives me faith to win the battle.

The king of Syria whose army was bigger and a more powerful army warred against the Israelites. With his eyes the king saw a victory but God said that this enemy could not win. The enemy was enraged when the Israelites refused to go down. Elisha had a different plan from the enemy. His plan was God’s plan and when God gives you a plan He has a plan to insure the plan. Elisha’s battle strategy was not of this world he looked to the hills the source of his help. His eyes only saw the promises of the covenant and for this he won.

How do we fight these massive battles in our lives? We do what Elisha did … we look to the hills. We know that God is not a man that He should lie. He knows that weapons will be formed against us but He said that they would not prosper. He said that the enemy would not triumph over us that they would be confounded and put to shame. We don’t understand everything that God is doing because His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts. But this we do know we will win because our victory is etched in stone and covered with blood. In Jesus’ name Amen

Rev Olivia Hines