Today is the Day


Today is the Day

Every day when you wake up God has given you a gift and a new chance. In addition, He has given you the opportunity to decide what this day is going to be. Psalms 118:24says :This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. But God will not make you rejoice. You can be happy or you can be sad because God gave you the opportunity to decide what you want today gladness or sadness. He didn’t say that all of the days would be the same, He didn’t say that all of the days would bring perfection but because all things work together for your good regardless to what happens all days will be good days.
Treat each day like it is a gift waiting to be opened. You may have no idea what the contents on the inside are but you can decide how you will receive the contents even before the package is opened. The word of God has already given us a clue as to how the day should be spent. This is a day that the Lord made therefore we have the ability to rejoice and be glad. You don’t have to let the outer packaging be a determinant of how you will spend your day. There is no need to become morose, gloomy, dark and sour because you fathom that the day will bring doom and gloom. Regardless to what you see, hear, feel or even think you have to remember that Psalms 118:24 says this is the day that the Lord made and respond accordingly.

Rev. Olivia T Hines

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